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I am blessed to have been born in Zimbabwe, with all the ups and downs, growing up there made us all survivors and I am proud to be Zimbabwean.  I am also proud to call my self Australian, this is where I furthered my education, met my husband and had my children and I continue to grow here! 


As a young girl about 10 years old I made a definitive decision to make the world a better place, I thought I would become a supermodel and then everyone would listen to me, with my great ideas and everyone listening… the world would be a better place. 


Not all grand plans work out, there are days when my children don’t listen to me, many of them! I am not a super model either, I did however give it a red hot go, and spend many years modeling all over the world. 


I didn’t want to get to 30 and have nothing else to fall back on so I came back to Australia and started studying; I finished my Commerce degree at 26 and went out into the 9-5 jungle. Not long after that I was married and having children. The 9-5 became 24/7.  I didn’t really fancy the idea of working for someone else either, I had my own ideas and liked doing things my own way.


 When my children were young I tried to build a few apps to keep my mind engaged, after a period of time I realized I couldn’t raise my children and build my business so I let the business side go. 


As soon as both my children started school, my brain started nagging for something to do. I came across life coaching, I realized for the first time I was home, I found the thing that with my life experience would give me the skills and the knowledge to make that difference in the world.


 Combined with styling, I am privileged to have the opportunity to make a difference in the way people see and feel about them selves and how this impacts them in all areas on their life! 


I would be honored to take that journey with you!

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